How do I set variable remotely?

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  • Hi, I'm creating a game that has 102 levels managed on a json file uploaded from the cloud. To prevent the player from accumulating points by always playing on the same level I have set the destruction of the coins when the level is completed. I have a problem that I have not been able to solve for a few days. I have created a function that resets the game to restore the coins but I would like it to activate only when the file is newer. I ask you how can I read the creation date of the file? Or is it possible to set a variable from a text file that I would put on the cloud?

    Thank you

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  • How are you generating your json save file? Just include the time/date information when saving, then you can read it back when loading.

  • The json file is generated by another construct 3 project. I try to add this data. For the moment I solved it by creating a txt file with the text rev_xx at startup I go to read the txt file first I write it in a text box and compare it with a variable if they are different except the variable and call the reset function. otherwise it continues without resetting. but your suggestion seems better to me I will try to put it into practice.

    sorry my english i use google translate.

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