How do I set a tiled-board for a chess-like board game?

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  • Oh god, that was it. It's me using my smartphone, instead of the PC. When you open the tilemap tab, the layout is not on the screen, so I never though it that way- clicking in the tab, then onto the layout. I am starting to work on PC for preventing this sort of misunderstanding.

    Moreover, I didn't quite understand the purpose of the tileset at all. Now I do. You load every different tile grouped in the tileset and then pick which tiles go where. I am no native english speaker, so some words don't ring my bell as they should. Being tileset what you edit in the tab, not tilemap, now it seems so obvious.

    Sorry for the loss of time, but again thanks a lot for you have gave me some hints of how to work around it. Lots of tutorials to read, now that I can move on.

    Not sure if I am asking nonsense again but- tiled background loops the same sprite. Tilemap lets you assign certain sprites (tiles actually, but for the sake of analogy). Is there a way of loading a picture, as per the tileset, and move every tile to the layout in the same order they are in the loaded picture? It would be the same as when you set up the grid onto the layout in the properties bar. But locking that grid to make it visible in prev and game. If you take a look at my map, there are to be several tiles and I want the layout to look exactly like my map, just with a grid.

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  • I am glad you got there eventually. You will find it easier to learn on a laptop or desktop computer than a mobile device I think.

    You can select multiple tiles to paint at once using the "patch selection" tool. The icon is a dashed square. You can then use the "fill" tool to end up with something that resembles the tiled background plugin.

  • Ok here we go!! Thanks very much. Smartphone didn't allow me to press and drag to select several tiles alltogether either. It showed the typical menu for copying, pasting... Now I have the map done.

    Is there already some documentation for the tile movement plugin? I am try to use it with drag&drop, but at the time of draging, the movement is smooth, not 'tiled'. I thought working around it on the event sheet.

    Something like: On drop > save position, then move troop instance to origin position, then move to loaded position. So to speak...

    Anyway, it's quite unelegant and even whrn dragging, the troop instance keeps moving smoothly as your finger slides over the screen. I would like to see the instance moves tile by tile even at the very moment of dragging. Is it posible?

  • The tile movement plugin is still pretty new. We generally aim to update documentation with stable releases, but that plugin hasn't been in any stable releases yet.

    It uses a linear speed, so it will appear to move smoothly for as long as it is moving. Position wise it will always snap to a grid when not moving, and it can only move to a grid aligned position.

    You can change the size of the grid and the movement speed with the properties bar; it's default dimensions are 32px x 32px.

  • Well, then I'll just discard the tile by tile animation. No worries about that. Just a visual floriture. I'll stick to press/click on instance and then press/click on target tile.

    I just have a doubt about tile movement to see whether it can be useful for this project. When calculating the grid for the movement, does it takes the position of the instance and from there, it 'counts' grids according to the size you set? Or it virtually divides the layout in a grid and then calculates to which tile belongs the position of the instance? I don't know if I am succeding at explaining myself.

    Already a bit confused about the possible usages with tile movement and tilemap. I know you can have tile movement effect with this plugin without using tilemap. But, since tilemap allows for several movement/positions options (move to # tile, to neighbour, positiontotile,...), I think I don't need tile movement plugin either if I already have a tilemap. Or do I? I asked for documentation because there may be some conditions/actions/expressions which suit better my game than the ones that tilemap offers. If moved more/less than # tiles, if moved in a certain direction,... and things alike.

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