How do I set text origin in an action?

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  • When I create text objects from the event sheet the new instances origin is always on the left, unless I leave a manually configured instance of the object in the layout. This seems a bit messy.

    I am missing an action to set the origin to centered, just like I can set color, alignment and everything else...

  • It used to be required to have an instance of a sprite object on a layout. This was to have default properties. They took away the requirement, but you'll still want to have one to set properties.

    Simple solution is to leave it in the margin outside the layout, and have destroy outside layout behavior on it. Or you can destroy on start of layout manually with an event.

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  • Ah, that's an interesting solution. For now I put it on a layer set to "not initially show", which seems to ignore actions.

    But I might use your suggestion when the project gets bigger.

    Thanks! :-)

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