How do I set solid when the player on the ground?

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  • Hello,

    I have a platform (sprite) that is set by default to Jumpthru. So when the player jumps on it and lands on that platform I want it to become a solid. But I have a problem that when the player touches platform (if the player under and jumps thru it) it becomes solid and player character stacked under that platform. How can I make it solid only when the player LANDS on it?

  • You can't, I would just use some movie magic and set solid a a split second before he lands. Like put an invisible sprite above it and call it a name, and when player overlaps this sprite set other sprite solid.

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  • hello.

    i make some tricky here but real we dont know what need for it.. its all about size player and ground ..but never mind

    i make this follow trick ::

    the variable1 is for wathcing the time (dt) when player is not on floor..thats mean to change the time few more mil.sec before ground again..

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