How do I set a random number in the global var between 1,10?

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  • I need some help thinking through this.

    I have 6 germs (sprites).

    On start of layout, I need each germ set to a random number between 1-10 - every tick that number will be displayed on the screen, for each germ.

    Each time a germ is shot - I need to subtract 1 from that original random number, until it reaches 0. When all the germs reach 0 then the game is won.

    How do I get each sprite set to a random number on the start of the layout?

    I tried giving each germ a global var and setting each to: on start of layout > system > set germ1 (2,3 & so on) to random(1,10) But the text on the display gives a number a lot higher than 10.

    Any idea how to do this?


  • Use an instace variable on germ.

    On start of layout:

    For each germ:

    - Set instace variable to round(random(1,10))

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  • - Set instace variable to round(random(1,10))

    Round! That's it. I through it was 'floor'. (I have so many languages mixed up in my head)

    Thank you so much - that did it!

  • Actually you want floor. round will skew the results.


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