Set "Wait to Fadeout" - is this a bug?

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  • C3 capx:

    As the topic line states, I'm not sure if this is a bug or an aspect of the Fade behavior that I'm not aware of.

    In my game, the Wall objects will be randomly generated and their wait period will be determined by how much fuel is left in the spaceship at the start of that round. Once the fuel runs out, the Wall objects will fade out, destroy, and then will reset when the player starts the next round.

    However, when I create the objects and set their Wait Time parameter, then run the program, it creates the Wall objects as desired but it immediately begins to fade out after the original wait time (as designated in the editor but not as specified in the event line).

    Is this a bug that needs reporting or is it just an "unlisted" factor in how the Fade behavior works?

  • Your image points to fade out time on the left and wait time on the right, surely you are looking for fade out time in the event, you're using wait time? What I'm seeing is the grey tile waiting 5 seconds (ship fuel max) then fading out over 1 second because you never changed that.

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  • WHOOPS! That was a mistake. My image SHOULD have had the red arrow pointing at the WAIT time, not fade-out.

    I'm trying to set the Wait time to the ship's fuel value. But the Wait time is not getting updated upon creation of the Wall object.

  • It is though. The fade starts on creation of the object without any fade in time. It's waiting for 5 seconds (fuel max) then fades out over 1 second. If the wait time was the same as initial settings in the editor what you would see is the object being created, waiting 1 second then fading out over 1 second. Maybe you are assuming the wait time is the time it takes to fade out, that isn't the case. Wait time is the time it waits before starting to fade out. Fade out time is the time it takes to perform fade out.

  • I do understand all that you said. Perhaps I was getting my words mixed up again...

    In any case, what I DO want us the Wait Time - before the fade out even behind - to last as long as there is fuel in the ship. Then fade out. Problem is that right after the Wall is created, it only takes the original value in the editor into consideration and begins to fade out almost immediately - NOT the minimum 5 seconds. Basically, there is no wait time being updated.

    Should I set the Fade out behavior to disabled first then enable after I update the Wait Time?

  • Again as I said above what you are describing is what you have set it to do and the wait time is indeed being updated. I think what you're looking to do is set the wait time to fuel max, fair enough that'll be the entire time it takes for the fuel to disappear, then you probably want to also set fade out time to fuel max, instead of 1 second? If you run it in debug mode you can see that the wait time is 5 (fuel max)

  • Okay, I see what's going on now. Because I had it enabled from the beginning, the whole fade process was started the INSTANT it was created, despite that I had the Wait Time immediately updated in the exact next action in the same event. So the wait time, as defined in the editor parameters, was counting down as I had it at default.

    And, like you said, the Wait Time was getting updated, but it wasn't taking that info into account.

    So I told it not to have the Fadeout behavior active at first - only after I updated the Wait Time did I enable to Fadeout behavior. Now it's working as I wanted it.

    Thanks for helping me to work it out!

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