How do I set proper rotation with turret behavior?

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  • My CAPX is below in the google drive link. I'm trying to get the smiley face (spr_enemy) to rotate properly towards the ball. Meaning, I want the face to always look at the ball. It seems like it is set to some 90 degree angle as if the turret gun is pointed slightly at an odd angle.

    I'm semi-new to Construct (I had Construct 2 a while ago and made a game on the app store but have forgotten a good amount of what I learned, unfortunately). If someone could give me some pointers in properly setting the angle then I'd appreciate it! I set my image point in multiple spots on the smiley face, but can't seem to get it to point correctly.

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  • Even though your smiley face image starts upright, the actual angle of the object is 0 so it's facing to the right. Open the image editor and rotate the image until the smiley face is facing to the right. In game it will then look correct. The angle of the object is what you're interested in for the direction that the object is facing.

  • Thanks for the response!

    Is this different than rotating the image on the layout? Just for my own understanding, rotating the image in the image editor and rotating the image on the layout are actually two different things?

  • Rotating the object in the layout changes its starting angle and the direction it is facing, that will be the focus for you. You can adjust the animations separately from this.

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