How do I set a number value to a text value?

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  • So in my game I created health bars. As there are many types of ennemies (warriors, archers, etc...). I created a value called "Stick To" for the health bar. When an ennemy, whose name is "RedWarrior" is created, the value "Stick To" sets to "RedWarrior", so that every tick, the health bar sets its position to "Stick To".X for X and "Stick To".Y for Y. How do I code that in the game?

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  • If you can have multiple instances of each enemy type, then you need to link health bars to enemies by their UID. Add all enemies to a family "Enemies". Add enemyUID variable to the health bar sprite.

    Enemies on Created 
    	-> Enemies spawn HealthBar
    	-> HealthBar pin to Enemies
    	-> HealthBar set enemyUID variable to Enemies.UID
    Enemies on collision with Bullet
     -> Enemies subtract 1 from health
     	HealthBar compare variable enemyUID=Enemies.UID
    	 -> (update health bar)


    Another option is to create a separate health bar object for each enemy type in your game. Then you can simply add each health bar into a container with each enemy, and they will be linked automatically, no need for instance variables.

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