Is there a 'set image to original shape'?

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    Well I pulled a stupid.

    I have a background that has all the images needed. Then I have a couple of invisible sprites that go over the parts of the images on the background. On the start of the layout those sprites are invisible.

    When the player touches the sprite it changes the animation to either 'Well Done' or 'Try Again'

    All that works swimmingly. The problem is, I make the sprite larger and smaller so it covers the small images on the background image and when the player taps the invisible sprite and it turns visible - the image is stretched - DUH! I don't know what I was thinking.

    Is there an "on tap set the second animation back to the original shape"?

    Not sure how much sense this makes, but if you take a look at the images below it should clear things up.

    The faded red are the wrong answers and the faded green are the correct images.

  • If you want to restore images size in the editor, click "Make 1:1" in sprite properties.

    In runtime you can use "Sprite Set scale to 1"

  • dop2000, Sorry, I didn't explain that well.

    I can't have it restore the size until the player clicks on it. Until the player clicks on it, it needs to stay the wrong size - and each copy is a different size.

    I know, I know - I'm impossible.

    I'm thinking about changing it so instead of making a second animation, when the player hits that invisible sprite, it makes a different sprite visible. It would mean 2 sprites on every image, but it's only 30 layouts - a have to make new backgrounds every week because she learns so quickly.

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  • Yeah, I probably don't understand the issue. Why can't you set scale 1 when the player clicks the sprite? It will only affect the clicked instance.

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