How do I set the clipboard text?

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  • I have tried returning the contents of NWjs.ClipboardText every frame but it doesn't return anything. Its as if NWjs: Set clipboard text to Text.PlainText doesnt actually do anything. ANy ideas? Here is the code..

    + System: On start of layout

    -> SpeechRecognition: Request speech recognition (language "en", Continuous mode, Interim results)

    + SpeechRecognition: On speech recognition result

    -> Text: Set text to SpeechRecognition.InterimTranscript

    + System: Every tick

    -> NWjs: Set clipboard text to Text.PlainText

    -> ClipboardText: Set text to "Clip="&NWjs.ClipboardText


    Construct 3 version: r171.3

  • It works for me in desktop version of C3. It won't work in browser I guess.

    Also, press F12 and check if there are any errors in Console log.

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  • No errors in the log. I also made a build to test it but the whole speech recognition stopped working completely.


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