How do I set behaviours for a ball like this?

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  • Apologies for the basic question but I've tried for ages getting physics, bullet properties right, and haven't managed to get close yet :(

    I've been enjoying an app called Go Escape -- gameplay video here

    But have got to the end and there are no new levels for now so thought I'd try creating some levels myself.

    I figured this kind of game should be reasonably straightforward to build in Construct3 but haven't been able to get the ball physics right (too bouncy and it doesn't flow right).

    Any tips for setting behaviours to replicate this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • You can definitely make this game in C3 with Physics, but it will take a lot of experimenting and tweaking to make it right. You need to find a nice combination of properties like density, friction, gravity etc.

    Also you might need to adjust the ball movement with events. For example, limit its velocity to prevent it going too fast or jumping too high.

    That mechanics in the video where the ball is rolling on the wheel may be tricky too. The ball should remain stationary, so I would probably do it by disable physics temporarily, until the next jump.

  • Thanks for that - I've been tweaking the settings but still miles away. I think this must be one of those 'deceptively simple' games that, while quite minimalist, has more going on behind the scenes in order to create the flow...

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  • I was intrigued so I downloaded the game. I'm almost certain there is no physics involved. I would treat it more like a Sonic style platformer instead, with slope sensors (you can use the line of sight ray cast feature) on either side to determine acceleration.

  • oosyrag You may be right. I still think with some tweaking it may be possible to make such game with physics. I once helped making a pixel art golf game where the ball moves with Physics in a similar way. It speeds up and slows down quickly, doesn't bounce much etc.

  • The things that stood out to me include abrupt change in speed (instant deceleration) upon jumping, complete lack of bouncing when hitting flat surfaces, and staying in place on the circles, even when clearly off center.

    If you're looking to go the physics route, I would look into pinball examples and mechanics.

  • escapeball play with weight of ball and bounciness and gravity world. but i guess around 80 world gravity and impulse applied... then u can also control bounciness and how fast the ball stops mid air using the angular damping and linear damping of ball have fun. i never played the game, but im guessing the ball is controlled by tapping and the angle of movement is controlled by above what object/direction of gameplay is going to.. so is automatic by the system. that is a bit trickily to achieve but not impossible.

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