How do Set my animations for my sprites?

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  • I have a player sprite with all its animations at 126 x 64, however, a lot of the animations dont need that much space. When cropping my player sprite it measures at 11 x 18 or 13 x 18. I guess what im trying to say here is, do I set my collisions on all my animations by hand with the sprites at 126 x 64, or do I try and crop out the sprites with a standard size on all the animations so that the origin point on all my sprites stay the same. I know a lot of this isn't structured well so I left screenshots of what I mean, My goal is to have all my animations working with a set Origin. I've tried setting the origin point at the bottom of my player, the corner, and center but every time I do this the animation becomes blurry or looks like its skipping frames. Again sorry for not having a more clear description of what exactly my issue is, please ask me any questions im open to any suggestion.

    The automatic crop out is somewhat of an issue but when I import the sprite and automatically crop it out the preview shows the sprite working well, my problems start when I wanna set a specific origin. If I dont have to set an origin for the whole animation for everything to work when playing which I doubt, that'd would be nice.

    The images above represent the 126 x 64 version which is the uncut version of the sprite but as you can see the collision boxes are all 126 x 64 so I dont know if I should take my time and set the collision box for all animations, and then there's the issue with the origin point where im not sure if I should leave it where it is or have it set to the bottom or to a corner.

  • A common approach is to use a different invisible sprite (just a rectangle) for movement and collisions. And pin your visible character sprite to it. This way you can have frames of variable shape and size in character animations, and they will not affect character movement. All you need to do is set the origin point correctly in all frames.

    Check how it's done in the official Kiwi Story template. There's Player_Base sprite and Player_Mask sprite.

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  • Thanks for the quick reply, and this is something I was already trying to do this, I'll look over the sprite and animations for the game to get a better idea on how it's done, thanks again.

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