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  • a special request ... I would like to create a game where each character has its own characteristics ..

    it works like this .. you start the game .. you enter the character selection menu .. only that each character has his own things .. who throws arrows .. who throws hammers and so on ... how do I set up the game so that at the tap of the choice of the character I go to choose the level and when I choose the level I enter the level with the chosen character .. so .. 1) how do I tie the weapons and characteristics to certain characters 2) chosen character and what I play. ..

    have example?

    tnk in advance

  • Hi, you can create a variable "Character" and set it to the character name or type on tap, and when the level starts you create an instance of the choosen character using this same variable;

    For the weapon, since it's one weapon or type of weapon by character, you could create a group for each character and activate the group named after the character;

    For example if you want to spawn a Swordman, change the variable "Character" value in main menu to "Swordman" and then :

    - On start of layout :

    - Create "Character" on Layer (...) at X; Y; creates an instance of the object named "Swordman";

    - Set group "Character" activated; set the group named "Swordman" activated;

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  • tnk i solved

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