How do I send a construct 3's personal license to an other account?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I had a problem when I bought Construct 3 to reactivate my suscription. To be sure to get construct 3 this year, I bought an other license and canceled the old one. So I successfully purchase this new license BUT, the next month while I had disabled the old subscription and took of my payement method for this...

    So I paid Construct 3 two times for one year and it's useless for me (and my poor savings)...

    Well, I had two ideas (so questions):

    - How can I get paused one of my license to continue the next year with Construct 3?

    - How can I give one of my license to an other account? (for a friend for example, and he would be really happy to try construct ^^)

    Thanks for reading


  • You should contact the support at and try to settle this with them

  • I did and I'm waiting, but if you have any ideas...

  • the interface doesn't have a license transfer i think, you can give access tokens but only if you have a license for teaching purposes where you can generate seats and stuff.

    if you want to transfer your license contacting scirra support is the way to go, just be patient it's 11:44 PM in England, so till tomorrow at 8-10 am nothing will happen.

    For pausing same thing, you have to contact scirra support.

  • I got an answer from I have to get the redeem code of the license to send it to my friend. But, I don't know where is it. Is someone know how to get a construct 3 license's redeem code and how to activate a license from this code to an other account? Tom

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  • No ideas? I searched everywhere on the web, manual, user interface... nothing... :(

  • When you buy a subscription there is a code you get, if i remember correctly on your account there is a subscription link/menu, that shows all ur subscriptions and you should have a code between the invoice buttons pdf/html and details. try using that. im not sure if that is the code u need to redeem. then ur friend needs to use that code while logged in.

    i kinda forgot how i activated my subscription.... but if there is a redeem code that is the only one i remember about...

    unless is automatically activated upon purchase then i have no clue... ask the support for more details, this is a thing you should be talking with the support not with the community forum (from various reasons).

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