How do I send an Array between the same Website Game and Android Game?

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  • I have a game working in a browser on local host. I have the same game in a mobile android version.

    What i want to do is make sure some data are synchronized between the very same website game and android game. The data is in the array in each game.

    thus, any time the user makes any changes in the data stored in the array on the website, i want that data to be changed automatically on the android version of the game, and the other way round that is once the user makes changes in the data stored in the array on the mobile version of the game, i want that data to be automatically changed in the website version of the very same game.

    What is more, i want to make it as simple as possible preferably using front end only without resorting to a server side.

    My goal is to make it work for any and every user using both the website game and mobile version of the game. I assume i will most likely need some unique keys allowing to identify each game pair too. I have no idea how to do that since one game will be pretty much the same sitting in a browser, and the other game should be downloadable from google play for instance. Then each game will have to somehow communicate with its sibling. PLEASE HELP!

    please be kind to give me a detailed explanation, ideally some code for reference.

  • Are you asking for the data to be stored for everyone who plays the game or are you trying to synchronize save files between versions of the same game for one user?

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  • I want the input string from either i.e. web based or android based to be updated in both. The user enters his name and age in any of the two games, and i want these two inputs name and age take effect in both games.

    In fact in my game the user enters more input data. it is convenient to do so on a desktop, because of the existence of a physical keyboard, but it is impractical on the mobile version. Therefore it would be practical for the user to enter data on desktop version of the game so that it gets also automatically updated in the website game and android game with one lick, at the same time.

    In other words, say i want to have an input in my web based game, where i type in "hello world", i click a button in the web based game and this very "hello world" gets updated/sent to the android game and is displayed in a text box in the android game, and ideally the other way round.

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