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  • Hi all,

    ¿Can you help me with this?

    I'm trying to get the selected text from a text area using javascript.

    It does not work because "selectionStart" and "selectionEnd" seem to be undefined.

    This is my code:

    const instance = runtime.objects.textAreaObject.getFirstInstance();

    var startSel= instance.selectionStart;

    var endSel= instance.selectionEnd;

    var result = instance.text;

    result = result.substr(startSel, endSel - startSel);


    Any idea of what is happening?

    Do you know any other way to achieve it?

    Thank you

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  • Maybe I'm wrong but isn't all what you need getSelection() or window.getSelection().toString();?

    So alert(getSelection()); should give you the selected text?

  • Great!!

    Thanks a lot!

    It woks with :


    But I had to uncheck the "use worker" option in project settings so I can access window object

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