How do I select objects by their set animation?

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  • Both instances are of the same object. The object has 2 animations. The animation "Food" contains different static food sprites, while the second animation "Weapons" contains different static weapons. How do I select the right object, since it is not on the same animation, so I can't select it by its frame and I don't want to use UID for this.

  • Pick object, animation is playing 'Weapons'

  • I've tried the 'animation is playing' and it doesn't seem to be working :/, it still selects all of the objects regardless of the animation im comparing it to. It's actually the reason for me asking this question on the end

  • We'll have to see the event sheet to work out where the picking went wrong.

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  • Except I'm using it wrong, since I'm not sure how to pick a single object with this.

    Here's how I actually tried it:

  • That seems fine for picking, you'll have to share your whole capx or something as it'll be impossible to work out, or describe exactly what has gone wrong with a screenshot of the full events.

  • Uh there's a month work worth of events in my project so couple of hundred large events. I'll manage to fix the bug already, I don't satisfy with bugs

  • Just to clear what the bug is. The behaviors of the entire objects got bugged when I added pin, can't remove pin or add any other behaviors, since the button disappeared to do so Mistery solved

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