How do I select and manipulate multiple animations in animations editor?

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  • Greetings! I have 50+ animations on sprite. Need ability to fast: change speed, change looped param, stack in or out of subfolders and so on. But I can't figure out how to do this?

    Multiple clicks are not working with control or shift button hold.

    Quantity of animations will grow up to 100+ or maybe 300+ and I don't want to manually click them one by one while we have editor or coding some loops on start of layout, it's not an option at all.

    I tried search on forum but found nothing.

    I.e. recently found that overlapping objects can be selected each through other by using tab button. Some hotkeys that I'm missing? Thank you!

  • By the time it takes someone to respond you could've done it :) there are options to apply things to a whole animations or all animations but this is for more collision and image points. Changing speed and looping is just a default setting, you can change everything with events. Stack in or out of subfolders, not sure what that means.

  • of subfolders, not sure what that means.

    M-m-m... excuse me my poor english. You can create subfolders in construct animations editor to pack bunches of animations.

    I.e. isometric animations can have names like Run_0_degrees, Run_30_degrees, Run_60_degrees and so on. For convenience they can be sorted in subfolders with names Run, Idle, Shoot.

    You can create loop with 30* step to set all animations to some fps. But on prototyping stage, where is need to setup slightly different animation speeds for only part of them, maybe not following one after another. Maybe I need to quickly setup 10 or 50 of them to be looped or not. If do this manually there will be faster to have bunch of construct projects instead of re-clicking them all.

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  • Now I want these animations to setup different parameters for specific needs. After few seconds I will change them to other. It's only a small part of list.

    Edit: sorry, haven't found how to spoiler image :'(

  • you can change everything with events.

    There is no need to do this since in 2022 you can select multiple objects in C3 or every application and change properties of all the group you selected

    Usually CTRL is used to add objects to selection one by one, SHIFT - from start to end and ALT - to deselect objects

    I can't find a hotkey

  • Nah what you're describing you must do it manually

  • No-no-no, I heard this when I've asked about enable/disable multiple tiles collision in tileset and other cases.

    The software must, since it's paid monthly, not fixed price at all time like was in C2. These basic features must save a lot of time, it's exactly why you can use them in 3DS max, Photoshop, Video-edit programms and so on.

    But thank you for answer! Here is no such feature yet. As it was earlier with other features we just need to wait for it.

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