How do I make a second level menu?

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  • Thanks to self-isolation/quarantine/state of emergency/stay home order, I have been plugging right along making level after level. I got to level 31 and realized that my level menu, thus far, only goes up to 20. So I made a second level menu for levels 21-40. Then I realized, I have no idea how to make the player go to the second level menu page after they win level 21. Then I thought "Oh I could make one of those cool scrolling menus that just keeps going and going", but I don't know how to make one of those either.

    Is there a demo for that?

    All the tutorials I find online only teach how to make the first level menu, I can't find one that shows how to make a second page and then a third page and so on.

    Thank you.

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  • A way of doing pages is to have the sprites for level selection 1-20 then when you press next, you add 20 to their variable or number, so they then become the level selection for 21-40 etc. If you already have levels for 1-20 then I guess you are using some kind of ID for that. Or you could use different layouts if their placement alters quite a bit on the screen. Kinda depends on what you did to make your current level menu.

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