How do I sec-fetch-dest: image

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  • In C2 it works with podes plugin "HTML_Img_Pode", I can get the same images without cors warning. But this plugin does not exist in C3, so I tried (the only way?) to get the images with the default "sprite load image from URL action" with the result.

    The url is grabbed by JSON and saved in a object variable url.

    Tried all cross-origin settings in the action.

    -> urlimage: Load image from Self.url (Keep current size, cross-origin none)

    In c2 the fetch in the plugin looks like this:

    sec-fetch-dest: image

    sec-fetch-mode: no-cors

    sec-fetch-site: cross-site

    And in c3:

    sec-fetch-dest: empty

    sec-fetch-mode: cors

    sec-fetch-site: cross-site

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