How do I search tokencount for all instances of a single "

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  • I'm exporting at runtime into Json and then importing via copypaste and textInput object.

    The problem is Construct 2 and 3 exports with single quotes and the import doesn't like that, it requires double quotes. So I'm making a for loop that counts the tokencount instances of quotation marks ( " ) and I want to replace it with ( "" ) so later I can just plug the value in and the dictionary eats it.

    I can't seem to designate a single quote though. """ doesn't read in, nor does """""

    Any ideas?


  • Try this:

    set resultText To replace(sourceText, """", """""")
    If you are copy-pasting these strings manually, why don't you simply replace " with "" in Notepad or Word?
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  • I wanted it to be an automated process because users will do it at runtime.

    But Ashley pointed out that I could use the File Chooser plugin and I was like "WOAH".

    What have I been doing all these years??

    So this solves my need (if it works on mobile ). Thanks for the reply too!

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