How do I have ScrollTo scroll to only one instance of an object? (SOLVED)

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  • So I'm making a multiplayer game similar to I started off with the "Multiplayer game example". I'm making a bigger map, and I have the ScrollTo behavior on the player. If just one player is in the game, then everything seems to be working normally. However, when a peer joins , the ScrollTo centers the viewport in the midpoint between all the other objects (I am using one object for all players). Is there any way that I can center the viewport on an instance of an object dictated by its instance variable? If necessary, I will make a different object for other players, but I would like to avoid that at all costs, considering the problems it will bring up concerning the Multiplayer object.

    (Project link has been taken down)

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: Apparently, in "System" you have the option of scrolling to a position on the map, without having to attach a behavior to any object. If I can make the scrolling smoother (I have it every tick) that would be awesome, but I can officially mark this case as solved.

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