Scrolling backgrounds with 'Scroll To' behaviours on Sprites

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  • Hi,

    I'm an incredibly new user of Construct 3 and a total newbie to the world of game construction (although I find it fascinating and hope to become less of a dweeb with time and a lot of practise!) and have been making a platform game following the scirra tutorial (

    I wanted to have the background scroll and so followed this youtube tutorial - - this seemed to work fine, with the background scrolling seemingly infinitely, with no gaps between images, but when running the game I found that the sprite couldn't move outside of the boundaries of the viewport and therefore move on to more of the platforms.

    To overcome this, I added a 'Scroll To' behaviour on the Sprite. This did indeed work, as it allowed me to move the sprite on to more platforms and progress through the game but the background has now gone fully whack. It doesn't fit the viewport, doesn't scroll more than twice over, and there's a bunch of white space everywhere??? I've checked and the layout has Unbounded Scrolling enabled which as far as I've read should fix the problem I'm having and alas it does not :((

    Please if you have any form of guidance it would be much appreciated (I'm really sorry if this in fact has a really simple solution and I'm just being an idiot)

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  • Try putting the background on a separate layer with parallax set to 0.

  • that worked, thank you!! :)

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