How do I scroll text without putting the text into a variable or change the text in the string?

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  • I have a text box that slides in and out - works great, but I need the text to change depending on the level.

    I can find a lot of demos where the text is put into a variable (string) and the text scrolls up and down within the text box, but nothing that lets me set text to X and scroll up and down. At least not without putting something below the text to hide it.

    The text box slides in and out and the text only appears when the text box is out, that all works great, but I can't figure out how to put scrolling text (with wordwrap) in there.



  • You just described two ways to do it. Why can't you use those?

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  • calminthenight

    That's what I'm trying to do. I can only find demoes for scrolling the text when you put the text you want scrolled in a variable - and you can't change the text in that variable. If you try to change the text in the variable it stops scrolling. That's the problem.

    I need a demo or an example for a text box where I can tell it when X happens: put 4 lines of text in the box and when the player presses the up and down arrows scroll the text up and down. Thus far I haven't found a demo or an example where that happen and everything I've tried has failed.

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