How do I Screen Shake- no unbound no scroll to?

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  • Is there another way to make the screen shake without the scroll-to behavior? My game really does not move far from the view area so that's not working for me. I can't do unbound scrolling it breaks my game completely, and I've tried the camera lerp to the player, all that stuff.

    If anyone knows another way I would appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • If you can't use ScrollTo behavior, you can shake the screen with events - scroll to player position + random offset. However, this will not work if the player is close to the layout edges and unbounded scrolling is disabled.

    Why does unbounded scrolling break your game? You should be able to enable it and limit the scrolling with events:

    Scroll to X: clamp(Player.x, viewportWidth(layer)/2, layoutWidht-viewportWidth(layer)/2)

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  • First off, thank you for taking the time to respond back.

    And I agree, it should not break it and when I say break I mean it moves things around and some off screen but it functions correctly and the shake then works perfectly.

    I will try your method and see if I can tweak it from there.

    I really appreciate your time thank you.

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