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  • Hey All,

    I'm looking for a general screen shake solution so I can control it's strength and duration.

    I think that most screen shakes works on virtual camera but I don't use a camera object on my game for now.

    The thing is that I don't really know how to get start, if it's not that complicated to do I'll be happy if you can share it with me. or even better guide me how to code such thing?

    Sorry about my bad English and thanks ahead!


    I just added a sprite "Camera" and added the "Scroll To" behavior.

    I made a test button 'S' to test the default shake.

    I noticed it will shake ONLY if the layout is bigger than the viewport size, which is fine I just hope it won't slow down my game if the layout is twice the size of my Viewport.

    Viewport: 640x360

    Layout: 1280x720

    Another thing, I noticed that by default it will shake everything but my HUD, is it because of the parallax settings? I'm guessing because they are on 0x0 but I have to ask because I'm not sure how it works.

    I'm still interested in other solutions if they are not too complicated for a beginner like myself to accomplish. in the meanwhile I will test the "Scroll To" and see if I can use it for my game. [/img]

  • It is not clear whether you are using the 'Shake' action from the ScrollTo behavior or you use your own creation.

    You dont need to enlarge the layout. Just enable the 'Unbounded scrolling' option in Layout properties. To change the color of the exterior, disable 'Transparent' of your lowest Layer and change its color. Or you enlarge your background image.

  • something like this?

    Q for little shake, E for big shake

    here'S how it works:

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  • Thanks for the great tips kriand :)

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