The screen ratio is broken in iOS only!

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  • Hi. Maybe I'm awkward with the translator.

    I made all the games. layout size 1080, 1920.

    I don't want to show the game on a full screen, but I want to show it at the ratio I set.

    I wanted to have the right ratio because it is okay to have a black spot next to the game screen.

    So I chose letterbox scale, and it works at a normal ratio on Android and html.

    However, the ratio is not normal in iOS.

    I use a web server to post games on mobile.

    Html comes at a normal ratio, and Android comes at a normal ratio, but only in iOS, the ratio breaks down. I tried to adjust the screen size by touching it, but I couldn't adjust it.

    I finished the screen sizing tutorial and put it on the letterbox scale.

    How can I force the iOS screen to size? Reducing the layout size to fit the iOS does not want to be done because the html5 screen is broken.

    So I tried to make an iOS version separately, but the company doesn't want it.

    Is this because of iframe?

    At the end of the long post, what I want is.

    Forced fixation so that I can appear at the desired ratio in iOS.

    What should I do?

    I'm in trouble.

    Help me, guys.

    Ps. For those who will help me. Thank you in advance!

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