Screen buffers or per screen pixel manipulation

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  • This is kind of a question that pertains somewhat to a question I made yesterday but is there anyway to access and manipulate screen pixel data during drawing? In my own engines I would draw to a separate buffer, manipulate that buffer (not to the screen), then draw it like you would a sprite (on screen) (aka the rendering pipeline). Just wanted to know if something like this is available.

    I got the answer for per sprite yesterday but I believe I could make some effects more efficient if the final output is manipulated instead of per sprite. Like in the image example on the effects page shows water, but that water calculates all pixels in all sprites, even if it’s an underlying image, to determine whether or not the final pixel will be visible. Where as a screen image manipulation only has to make a single pass at a pixel

    Thanks for any replies and thanks for the other answer on the previous post

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  • Try using Drawing Canvas.

  • O ok, I understand now. I came across that earlier this morning but skipped over parts of it bc I was understanding “snapshot” as grabbing the screen image and saving it as a file over multiple frames. So snapshot is the passing of buffer data then.

    There’s only a few effects like water trickling down the screen (warping parts of the final image) or security cameras and stuff like that but glad there’s access to that in those occasions. Thank you for the info

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