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  • How would i order my leaderboard like how this image has it,I use

    sort x axis
    reverse x axis
    [/code:1enrzlle] to make it so that the biggest numbers are always at the top but how would i make the names in the same position as the score.
    Like if Survivor gets Rick Astleys score and rick astley drops his score, and how would i limit the scoreboard to 10 positions
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  • Containers work well for this. Since the name and score texts should always appear together, you can put them in a container so that they are created, picked, and destroyed together. You can then position the name text, and then position the score text object 200 pixels to the right of the bame text.

  • It didn't work when i tried to sort it for some reason

  • It didn't work when i tried to sort it for some reason

    Can you post a copy of the events you are using?

  • 12thmix

    Based on the image you posted, it looks like you are ordering the array, but aren't doing anything to update the visuals for more than just the first row.

    In the event shown, you are setting only the first instance of Text and the first instance of Text2. In order to update a whole list, you will somehow need to iterate through each array element and create or update an instance of Text and an instance of Text2 for each row.

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