How do I scale/stretch single axis only?

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  • Is it possible to scale one axis independently of another on a system level?

    Or achieve a similar effect for pseudo depth in an isometric game, as far as the 8 direction behavior is concerned. Moving vertically should be slightly slower than moving horizontally.

    Visually it can be done simply by adjusting the height of the object for most simple shapes, but the coordinate system is still even/square.

    I considered setting the 8 direction y vector as a percentage of itself, but that would be recursive and not preserve the natural speed of the object over time.

    I'm thinking I'll be needing to put together a custom movement system, which is a bit troublesome so I wanted to ask first in case I was missing something obvious.

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  • In C2 this can easily be done with Paster plugin - on every tick paste game layer(s) on it, then resize. Don't think this is possible with DrawingCanvas.

    To make 8direction move slower at Y axis - create an instance variable oldY, on every tick set Player Y to lerp(Self.oldY, Self.Y, 0.5), then set oldY to Player.Y . This is not recursive and will decrease vertical speed by 50%.

  • Excellent thanks!

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