How do I scale (Resize) windows (tabs) inside construct in aspect to the ratio of my monitor?

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  • Hey guys sorry this might seem like a stupid question but the texts are extremely small, Ctrl+ doesn't fix it .

    Read only if you have time and can take criticism, Don't read if you are a snowflake.

    I thought using the mouse would be awesome and easy, Boy I was so wrong, This is really painful, Windows doesn't scale, Very unnatural feel to it, So buggy because of course chrome, And the worst of all is that saving fails 50% of the times, and the desktop version for some reason very similar, it's like a browser running the website.

    I know that you heard all of this before, I don't understand why would you welling to lose a big chunk of your community for - Not So Smart idea- the desktop, That you are not welling to let go, I'm really sorry to say all of this but Construct 3 have the potential really to be so much more, And instead of making it accessible to everyone, By accessible I mean familiar like photoshop for example, or any other popular application really, your online version should be available to whoever who want to use it, but the desktop version should be number one, I thought the most important thing is to create big community that support you and force itself to into the community, I read some requests and complains from users about the online version, and most responses were very egoiastic and rude, What a very big waste of a great piece of software, I'm sorry if my critic annoy you, I don't normally waste time, creating topics or post in forums, But I just had to say, You need to learn how to let a bad idea go.

    Sorry for my bad English, I never write in English, This is why you will find a lot of words used incorrectly.

    Sorry about this and now about the scaling any ideas ??

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  • I mean the text is either too small to read, or too big it needs more space to fit.

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