How do I use scale outer without zooming the game?

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  • Hi everyone.

    I am making a pixel game (Aspect ratio 3:5).

    Usually I'd use "Letterbox Integer Scale" since it makes the artstyle consistent on any screens.

    But I've noticed that "Scale outer" is what I'm looking for, because What I want is that, if the window is bigger than the viewport, the player can see the rest of the game.

    The issue is that if I expand both width and height, the game zooms in.

    This doesn't happen if I only expand width or height.

    I just don't want that the screen zooms; I want that it expands what the player can see.

    Is it possible? Thank you for reading.

    (Let me know if you didn't get what I mean.)

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  • This is what I do - resize the canvas to match what the PlatformInfo reports as the window size. And do this any time the browser resizes (orientation changes or user changes window size).

    This allows you to use the whole screen and keeps 1 pixel = 1 pixel, no scaling, which is nice if you need to draw a lot of 1 pixel wide lines (and want it to look consistent across the screen with no blurring).

    you have to make sure your layout size is big enough for any screen someone might use. Using Unbounded scrolling is also an option, but then the top left corner is not always 0,0 and you have to work harder to keep things on screen the way you want.

    in my sample file above I have a green box that is 1280 x 720 and an orange box 720 x 1280 just to help see how much of the layout you can see.

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