How do I scale canvas?

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  • Hi, guys basically I want to make my drawing canvas larger than the screen size that way I can position it to the center of the user's screen - that way I can support multiple screen sizes. But I have one problem when I do this with the drawing canvas the drawing becomes inaccurate so when I go to draw with my mouse on one part the line does not spawn under the cursor it spawns to the right. Its weird its like its not calibrated.

    I have drawn an image below to help explain this:

    The red box is the drawing canvas.

    The grey triangle is the cursor when I click on the canvas

    the dark red/maroon dot on the end of the triangle is where the canvas usually draws the point when I don't make it larger than the user's screen.

    The black line is where the canvas draws if it is larger than the user's screen.

    It works fine if I have the canvas at viewport size 480 x 854 but it's only when I make it larger it acts like it's not calibrated.

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  • hello, i have a similar problem, there is a way to "recalibrate" the drawing? i reduced scale of my drawing canvas and there is a gap between cursor and the painted can i solve it?

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