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  • Hello All,

    As I'm working on my very first game, I would like to make 3 save / load slots that will save all the progress of the player include the items even after exiting the game.

    I must mention I didn't try to mess with saving options, I believe there are few options to do it but I have no clue so before I start experimenting I would like to know:

    • Is it SAFE from user-hacking ?
    • (manipulate save file to change variables)

    I did read the how-to-make-savegames tutorial and it helped a lot but I didn't have the chance to try it myself yet so I'm curious from your own experience with this, so you can give me advice or tips what to use or not to use for such purpose.

    I may have more questions related to this subject so thanks ahead!

    * Sorry about my bad English.

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  • Anything is hackable if the user really wants to hack it. So don't bother with making it non-hackable. To make it non-hackable, you'd have to do everything via PHP from your own server. So I don't think it's worth the trouble for you trying to make it non-hackable. As a matter of fact, I like having games hackable that don't have a creative mode, so that when I am done with the game, I can have some creative fun with it afterwards. Making it non-hackable is just annoying in my personal opinion.

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