Saving a sprite variable

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  • Me need to save the sprite variable in the first scene and change the sprite frame in the other scene based on the variable from 1 scene,

    I did it, but for some reason it doesn’t work and I don’t understand why else

    an example as done in the picture below

    tell me what I'm not doing wrong

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  • Do you have just one sprite? Otherwise it doesn't know which one to pick and you must specify on end of layout.

  • Learned to add variables correctly, added more objects

    The code is in the first picture, but you can somehow retrieve data from the local storage at once all the variables (keys)

    For example

    If the B key is pressed then change the animation frame of sprite 1 to the var variable and change the animation frame of sprite 2 to the var1 variable?

    It just turns out when I load the variable var and var1, then the code reads only var1.

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