(Saved Data) Save and load on multiple computers?

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  • Hello,

    I am working on an a web app that uses the Save Function. And LocalStorage.

    I must be able to share this saved slot. I know LocalStorage uses Json. But I am struggling on figuring out how I can download the saved data, share it, then have another computer load it.

    The sad part is, if I cant get this feature I have no choice but to kill the project. So any help will be wonderful.

    (Basically, the requirement I have... User must be able to move save slots from computer-to-computer. )

  • I had a similar issue and was not able to find a reliable method. I ended up going down the route of using the NWJS plugin. I can now save to a specific filetype of my choice, share this and call in and out the data. Downside is that its desktop based and means it can't be used as a web app

  • Also for Mac. In order for it to work I would need the app to be certified. Or are we able to get around this? As well, are we able to push updates when the user is connected to the internet.

    I guess I will get an iOS developer account to code sign the desktop app. 1st time doing that, so time to learn something new.

  • I'm using this snapcode to save (download) the savegame on my pc and then load it to another computer.

    Save the "savegame" as json to pc

    + Button: On clicked
    -> System: Save game to slot "mysave"
    + System: On save complete
    -> Browser: Invoke download of string SaveStateJSON with MIME type "application/json" and filename "mysave.json"[/code:27cw148i]
    [b]Load the "savegame" from pc to the app[/b]
    [code:27cw148i]+ FileChooser: On changed
    -> AJAX: Request FileChooser.?FileURLAt(?0?) (tag "mysave")
    + AJAX: On "mysave" completed
    -> System: Load game from JSON string AJAX.?LastData[/code:27cw148i]
    c3 demo: [url=https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9F-zNk5H88eOGhBUkFPZXVlWUk/view?usp=sharing]link[/url]
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  • You are amazing! This is so helpful, thank you so much! This will help a lot of people!

    (One question, in my case it only works once. Meaning if I make new changes to the blocks and load the .json that I saved it wont update the blocks.)

  • I was able to get it to reload the json by adding a request URL to Button2 and removed the fileChooser On Changed event.

    Tag "save"  -  >  FileChooser.FileURLAt(0) 
  • Kyatric maybe at this to how do I - faq? Or isn't this seen as a faq?

  • Ah oui, vraiment bien ça et ça marche !

    Merci !

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