How do I save an snapshot to camera roll

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  • Hi, im making a profile picture generator that lets you create a customized character then download an image, I uploaded it to and it works fine on pc but when i use it on mobile the picture goes to "downloads" folder as a file and users can't find it, how can i send that image to native gallery o photos app in android/ios?

    I've been looking for info on internet but it has been kinda confusing

    thanks a lot

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  • There's a workaround on Android that comes to mind. The "Share" plugin can be used to show the share tray on Android, allowing a user to choose an app to use a image with. A quick test showed that you can use this to save to photos, upload to twitter etc.

    The downside being that Safari only supports sharing text and URL at the moment, not files. You could encode the image as a data URI and share that instead but the user would only be able to post this to social media and the like, not download the image.

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