How Do I Save and Load (Written) Text in Multiplayer?

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  • Hello all,

    I want to create a multiplayer puzzle and clue game. I have a question though.... How do I, save, categorize, and load text (that is written by users while playing the game - like reading a "book of clues - all the clues in the book are text left behind by past users"), in Multiplayer?

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  • I think, you can use the in-build dictionary plugin for that.

    Create any player any new Text for the book, you can send this to all other players (as JSON-Text). Receive the players the new text, then add the text to the dictionary object...

  • Hey macube, thanks. Is this what you're talking about?....

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    (Construct 2: How to store user data in a Dictionary Object). If I do this, can every user of the game see the new text? I think it is what I'm looking for, but how can I send it (the newly written text) to all other players (as JSON-Text), so they can see it, in live time?

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  • 2 ways:

    Dedicated host - this host will save all "chat logs" via localstorage forever. This particular client always has to be on, or at least end up hosting every game.

    Third party database, like firebase, photon - Send and retrieve your "chat logs" to a third party server, where they can be accessible any time.

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