How do i save and load a file on the server that the game is hosted

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  • i have a simple game about flying a spaceship, and killing enemies,asteroids and stuff, and when i die my score is saved to an array, that is a leaderboard, then this leaderboard is sorted and saved to local storage

    i already have the game working on an webserver

    but i noticed that every player has its own version of the leaderboard,but i want everyone who play the game to share the same leaderboard to do this i want to know if theres a way to save the leaderboard to a file on the same server that game is on

    i already tried saving the leaderboard using NW.js and web storage but it didn't work

    i don't know ANYTHING about php or mysql or any of that fancy stuff, and i just want to save a simple array to a file

    sorry for bad english

    anyone can help?

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  • This doesnt work like this son.

    For this, you need either a phyisical file on the server or better yet, a database.

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