How do I save and load?

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  • Hi there,

    I have created a very rudimentary save and load function (just using the save game and load game events) for testing purposes. But a strange thing is occurring. When I start a new game then save then jump back to the main menu layout all seems well. Then when I load the game it works (most of the time).

    But a strange thing happens when I go to start a new game. Essentially objects from a completely separate layout (The layout in which I saved) appears on the main menu and intermenu layout (Layout used for transitions.)

    I am aware that this question may be a little convoluted without an example so I will try and replicate the issue in another empty project.

    essentially my question is how should I be going about saving and loading in an RPG game?

    All the best,



  • What logic have you used to start a 'new game'? Sure when you launch the app and select new game instead of load then it'll do the same thing every time, but it's not guaranteed that if you're in a game in progress and then select new game that everything will be reset to that same state, depends how you did it.

  • To be honest, no real logic aside from running it through a function that fades the screen and then a goto layout by name.

    Is there something I should be doing when starting a new game?

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  • I think I am close to one of the problems. When I change layout all the instances of the object are not deleted and are instead carried over to the new layout. But this is only occuring on one object type.

  • I think I had accidentally set them to global objects...

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