How do I save games with loaded image files from file chooser?

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  • What I hope the end result will be

    A browser-based game where teachers can upload their own images (e.g. animals, food, historical figures etc.), and the images are added to the game. The game is played, and then the teacher can save the game to come back later and play again. I want them to be able to save multiple different versions of the game, each with different images they added, so they don't need to upload the images again each time.

    What I am stuck with:

    I already understand using the file chooser and loading the sprites. What I don't understand is the saving aspect!

    1) How to set up the save so it saves/slots the uploaded images for when the teacher comes back to play?

    2) How to allow the teacher to name the save slot. e.g. 1. animals, 2. food, 3. historical figures.

    3) How to set up a load menu so the teacher can choose the game they need from their saved list of games. So they can click the one they want to load up and their images are still there from when they uploaded them.

    4) Alternative option (maybe?): Is there a way to have each instance of the game, with the different uploaded images, be saved to a different URL which the teachers can then share with their students or bookmark to come back to? So instead of it being a list of saves, the game itself is edited with the new images and then a unique URL is generated where that new version of the game 'lives' at now? I host on a WordPress site and have an Amazon S3 server that I store most stuff on. I know this kind of thing is possible but I don't really understand how people do it.

    I know my questions are not straightforward. Hopefully, someone here can help. But if anyone is willing to put some time and effort into helping me out with any of the stuff listed above, and you are interested in freelancing, I would be happy to pay for your time. I don't want to pay someone to do it for me, I want someone to teach me how so I can understand and do it myself.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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