How do I save the game state when character is moving?

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  • Here's something that I've been wondering. Let's take a game like Minecraft and make it 2d. You can move around endlessly, but when you return to the areas that you have already been, it remembers what you have done. I would imagine if you wanted to make a world that was huge, you wouldn't make it ONE layout. It would be many and when you return to another layout, it would have everything you have done to it still there. Anyone?

  • What do you need help with?

  • Lol, so I need help with making a game where the player moves around different levels (using different layouts for each level), but each level is remembered how the player left it last. so if the player removed two blocks in layout 1 and goes to layout 2, when they come back to layout 1, it will remember that the player removed two blocks from a location. I hope i was able to explain that better. sorry about that.

  • What you're looking for is system save where it simply saved the current state of the game and at a different time you can load it again with system action. So that objects keep their state whether they are destroyed or not when you return to a layout you need to give the objects 'Persist' behaviour.

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  • Many thanks! I will try that.

    UPDATE: Just wanted to say that the above suggestion worked perfectly. Thank you!

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