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  • Hi All,

    While I'm working on my big project, I started to add "NO SAVE" behavior to some objects.

    I'm starting with the most obvious (for me) the Buttons, Panels, Menus etc.. but right away I ran into a strange thing and after trying to solve it with no luck I'm not sure how to handle it.

    Should WORK like This:

    So as you can see, I have a TOP Menu Panel (sprite) which uses the TWEEN behavior for smooth animation, when I press the 'ESC' button it toggles Up / Down. there is a "NO SAVE" behavior on it and when I SAVE and LOAD it keeps working.

    All the BUTTONS (sprites) are in a FAMILY: "Top_Menu_Buttons" and they have PIN behavior (connected to the Top Menu Panel) and also a Tween behavior to go along with the animation of the Top Menu Panel (so they're synced together) this is how it looks:


    As you can see the Buttons Family works well as I use the 'ESC' button as described above.

    BUT! after I added a "NO SAVE" behavior to the FAMILY: "Top_Menu_Buttons" then SAVE and LOAD... the buttons stay on their place, I tried to understand why or how to fix that... but it seems like I have the same situation on any other Buttons (sprites) that have anything with position change (not just the top menu, but also other panels).

    This is how it looks when I Save, and then LOAD AFTER using 'NO SAVE' on the Buttons Family:

    I'm not sure if this information helps but ALL buttons, panels menus, etc.. are sitting the same dedicated Layer called: "GUI" as I always try to keep everything organized as much as possible.


    What should I do to make the 'NO SAVE' behavior also works on the Buttons? I have many buttons on my project, there is no reason to save them as they are part of the GUI,

    Could it be because of the TWEEN? or something else?

    I'm a bit confused because I couldn't solve this by myself, and it's time to add 'NO SAVE' to many other things as well...

    Thanks ahead to any help!


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    I'm not sure if it's the best solution or of it's the most efficient one compare to the situation I described on the original thread above, but what I did for the TOP MENU is as soon as the LOAD is completed to PIN all the buttons (family) AGAIN to the Top Menu:

    An EMPTY save file was about 17kb now after the 'NO SAVE' added to the buttons it's about 13.5kb !

    I guess it's an improvement but I must see if it's the same FIX: Re-Pin on Load Complete for the floating panels... since they're code is different and more objects and sliders it's more complicated but I will give it a try.

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