How do I save to a cloud service to back up player data?

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  • How about web socket? How hard is it to host a small server online with some web service, and hold the player data there? I could use web socket to call and save data. Would that be a secure viable option? I understand I would need to learn a lot, but that's ok.

    If anyone has ever done something like that, please respond.

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  • Something like that would be nice, but it really needs to be implemented by someone with expertise in both Node Js, database, and network security. Given the backend complexity, the official Web Socket plug would most likely be dropped in favor of using the plugin sdk.

    Something like Firebase, or Parse would be a better solution.

    Parse being a bit closer related since its open source.

  • Darn, ok. Thanks newt. I'll be attempting to implement firebase later this week I suppose. If anyone ever reads this thread and has a better solution, go ahead and leave a post.

  • So, I have a bit of a follow-up set of questions now. I want to add firebase database features. Most people say to use rex's plugins. But I can't find a good tutorial on how to use these plugins. From My understanding, I need at least these three, so I installed them:

    And I have downloaded a whole library of construct 3 runtime rex plugins. Could someone redirect me to a good tutorial of how to use these things? Thanks.

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