How to Save Changes to an Object's Behavior Properties?

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  • Hello all, thanks for taking a look at my question.

    My problem is that I have an object with the bullet behavior applied, and every time I try to activate/deactivate certain properties in the left-hand menu ("set angle" in this case), the changes are only saved to that particular instance of the object in the layout, and NOT the object itself.

    There are many changes to properties and variables for this object that HAVE been saved in the past, because when I drag and drop a fresh one into the layout, they changes are present.

    I see the value in being able to change properties of certain instances in a layout without effecting the object itself, but I don't know how what I did to make the inverse effect happen. Any ideas?

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  • By saved I guess you mean the values that are present when you create a new instance. It takes the details from the instance of that object with the lowest UID. Find that instance and those are the default stats to change.

  • Yes! That is the key piece of information I was missing, thank you !

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