running nw.js export on linux, on linux

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  • Hello,

    I wrote a little program with C3 and the nw.js plugin and exported it to linux64. I now want to run it on ubuntu, but have no idea how to run it. I have the zip file, and uncompressed it and got all kind of files in there. I also installed node.js on ubuntu but am unsure how to run something with it ...

    Any instructions would be much appreciated.

    thank you,


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  • chmod your file game executable, because on linux run executable need permission. Execute permission type on terminal:

    only for current user permission

    chmod u+x your_game_executable

    for all user permission

    chmod a+x your_game_executable

  • thanks.

    Eventually, I found (after some searching) that the following worked --

    after installing nw.js in ubuntu

    ./nw package.nw

    in the folder that included the unzipped files

    i guess, nw was already an executable as you indicated.

    thank you,


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