Can i run construct 2 and 3 side by side?

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  • So i have actual ongoing work with construct 2 and to be honest i am not that impressed with the change in the license for construct 3... it goes from a purchased item to a yearly subscription.

    Add to that the "build service" that seems to be mentioned whenever you say construct 3 export, and i just see "cloud" everywhere which = fees for everything.

    So, while i am still to be convinced that there is any practical difference in Construct 3, i do have real world IT reason not to upgrade...deadlines and clients.

    Which begs the question, can i run construct 3 side by side with 2 so that i can ensure no downtime on migration?

  • Off course you can

    Try the free version of C3 and test for yourself.

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  • Are you asking if you can have the same project open (and edited) in both C2 and C3 at the same time while you develop?

    no no

  • Thanks for your replies.

    I just mean having them both on my system side by side. I don't intend to interchange projects between them, just keep my my construct 2 projects as that and create new projects in construct 3.

    My question is based on the license. i think i get a year on C3 based on when i got C2 license. I am worried about ongoing support of construct 2 apps i have developed if i move to C3.

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