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  • Hey!

    So I'm working on setting up a dedicated server for my multiplayer game I'm working on, I got my game running on a VPS, however, whenever I try to join the room that is hosting on my own physical computer I get the following errors:

    Peer 'W627' datachannel 'o' error: RTCErrorEvent {isTrusted: true, error: RTCError: Transport channel closed, type: "error", target: RTCDataChannel, currentTarget: RTCDataChannel, …}bubbles: falsecancelBubble: falsecancelable: falsecomposed: falsecurrentTarget: RTCDataChannelbinaryType: "arraybuffer"bufferedAmount: 0bufferedAmountLowThreshold: 0id: 1label: "o"maxPacketLifeTime: nullmaxRetransmits: nullnegotiated: falseonbufferedamountlow: nullonclose: ()=>{this.Remove("disconnect")}onclosing: nullonerror: err=> {…}onmessage: m=>{this._OnMessage(type,m)}arguments: (...)caller: (...)length: 1name: ""__proto__: ƒ ()[[FunctionLocation]]: 3170cec9-555f-489e-95f8-6d32aef39237:4[[Scopes]]: Scopes[4]onopen: ()=> {…}ordered: trueprotocol: "c2mp_mmorpg_demo_mmorpg_default_mmorpg_world1"readyState: "closed"reliable: true__proto__: RTCDataChanneldefaultPrevented: falseerror: RTCError: Transport channel closedcode: 0errorDetail: "NONE"httpRequestStatusCode: nullmessage: "Transport channel closed"name: "OperationError"receivedAlert: nullsctpCauseCode: nullsdpLineNumber: nullsentAlert: null__proto__: RTCErroreventPhase: 0isTrusted: truepath: []returnValue: truesrcElement: RTCDataChannel {label: "o", ordered: true, maxPacketLifeTime: null, maxRetransmits: null, protocol: "c2mp_mmorpg_demo_mmorpg_default_mmorpg_world1", …}target: RTCDataChannel {label: "o", ordered: true, maxPacketLifeTime: null, maxRetransmits: null, protocol: "c2mp_mmorpg_demo_mmorpg_default_mmorpg_world1", …}timeStamp: 68826.62type: "error"__proto__: RTCErrorEvent dc.onerror 3170cec9-555f-489e-95f8-6d32aef39237:4

    I would really appreciate any help you could provide me as this is something completely new to me still.

    Thanks :)


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  • I think I figured it out, after I exported my project I sort of got it to work, but the more I upgraded my VPS the more consistent it was at connecting to the host.

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