How do I make an RPG Battle System just like on Final Fantasy?

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  • Hey guys and girls, I have been trying to recreate one of my favorites RPG but, when I try the Battle System I got stucked!

    I made the "Stats" as an Event Sheet to include, but I don't know how to include the enemies and to make the atk by themselves, and how to reduce health for only 1 enemy! Does anyone know how to make it?

    Its almost everything done!

  • I don't see how everything is almost done, looks like none of it is done? To make a turn based battling system it's going to require some work, it's not as easy as saying this is how you make it.

  • I only need some help to make a battle system! How to put no more than 3 enemies, I only need this! If you know how to make it, I'm sure you could help, if not, don't say I don't have almost everything done. The only thing I didn't do, was the battle the system.

  • I could make it but you are trivialising the work by saying it is only a battle system, I could not just make it and show you, it would take a while to make, it's a large project. You need to first decide which enemies will spawn and apply all stats. You need to have enemies acting in turn with their own decision making, and all of these attacks need to affect the player. You need to be able to damage and apply statuses to enemies and detect when they die, take them out of the turn based system. You need to then add XP gained, loot and other things that decide the end of the battle. Probably a bunch of bug fixes too along the way. What you are describing that you have already done with the stats sheet, that is the design.

  • Rod2292 Try checking out some tutorials online. I've been working on a platformer and tutorials have been really helpful.

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  • There are no tutorials about battle system Just like Final Fantasy! Nothing helpful.

  • I asking for help, because I got stuck when I try tô spawn the enemies! I need tô check and spawn no more than 3! But I only could create 1 object by using "random" Just like when I destroy it, I check if there are no monster on screen I got x exp by random too!

    I've try "loopindex" but I didn't work so well like my "space shooter game".

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