How do I rotate smooth a certain degree number ?

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  • Turn-based games have been a new wind to the gaming world for over 20 years. From the time 8bits and 16bits were famous on the market, the developers had an interesting idea “How about we made a game that requires calculation and utilization of limited resources” – said the developers and BOOM! Turn-based games were born, brighter than ever, it had gained popularity over hardcore gamers. With the success of many pioneering series such as Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy, etc. The turn-based game has made its stand on the gaming market as an unlimited potential of play styles and techniques.

    In this post we will discuss two turn-based online games no downloads for free that have been popular for many years on the online platform:

    Rise of Mythos and Knighttron

    The wonderful world comes from Rise of Mythos.

    With the innovation of internet and wireless connection, the problems of accessing information from the further distance solve within a single button. For gaming experience, it cannot deny that it is much easier when playing on the website. However, it is not always identical for each game, for Rise of Mythos and Knighttron, there are differences regarding storyline and battle system.

    The refinement is shown in each battle in Rise of Mythos.

    Firstly, it is clear that the story of these both free online games with no flash needed - play now with no download are different. Rise of Mythos, rather than a storyline with complicated branches, the game heavily empathizes the importance of defeating every floor to reach the end, it is quite a simple scenario, but it is sufficient to many players, who wished to skip the reading and commence in battle immediately. On the other hand, Knighttron strictly cares about its script and personalize the characters for players to understand their crucial situation. To progress smoothly along the storyline, players have to beat every route to discover the end satisfy their effort. Moreover, every encounter is meaningful in contributing to the preparation of the main character before meeting his fated nemesis.

    Players Versus Players mode in Knighttron

    Secondly, it is without a doubt that the battle systems are variant from both games. While Rise of Mythos and Knighttron shared the same basic movements and cliché style, Rise of Mythos has offer players additional hours of ground level to get in the arena to fight with fellow players in a grand tournament for glory. The battles will be in real time, and the result is undoubted, will you bath in the blood of others or lie among the fallen? In contrast, Knighttron is a little behind in Players Versus Players mode, but it has done such an excellent job in enhancing the cooperation of team members when venturing in the realm of magic, every player in the team has their role to support others to reach a happy ending.


    To summarize, turn-based games are the type players must try when they have a chance. It may be difficult to handle combat at first, but when players get used to controlling characters, it will become a feat, where players will manage battle likes playing instruments. » Let’s check out for more awesome games here at

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  • Would this work? It sets a variable with the amount it wants to rotate, and as it rotates it reduces that number. Used an additional variable to keep from overshooting.

    global number toRotate = 0
    global number da=0
    on any key pressed
    toRotate = 0
    -- add 90 to toRotate
    toRotate > 0
    -- set da to min(100*dt, toRotate)
    -- sprite: rotate da degrees clockwise
    -- subtract da from toRotate

    Another idea is to lerp from one angle to another:

    global number startAngle = 0
    global number endAngle = 0
    global number t = 1
    on any key pressed
    t = 0
    -- set startAngle to sprite.angle
    -- set endAngle to startAngle+90
    -- set t to 0
    -- set t to min(t + 10*dt, 1)
    -- sprite: set angle to lerp(startAngle, endAngle, t)

    There may be easing plugins to help with that too.

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